2017 Studio Tour Preliminary Survey

Hello AAG Members,

The Studio Tour wrapped up just a few short weeks ago, and plans for next year are already being discussed. We appreciated reading the feedback from the survey questions, and strive to hear your voices. As there were many people indicating a desire to have next year’s Preview Exhibit at The Captain White House, I contacted them to check availability for next year. They are booked in October, however are willing to juggle their schedule to work with us IF we are able to lock in the date of October 21-22, 2017 for holding next year's Studio Tour. This would allow us to have the Preview Exhibit at CWH from Thursday, October 5 through Sunday, October 22, 2017.

Of course, this isn’t the only possible venue. Many of you prefer the Mebane Arts and Community Center. In addition, there are other possibilities to be explored. Many even question the value of having a Preview Exhibit at all. Therefore, I am asking you to please respond to me within the next few days regarding your intentions to participate in the 2017 Studio Tour. This is just to give us a general idea of interest, to help us in our decision making, and initial planning. As the 2017 Steering Committee is in the process of being formed, the Board will be making the decision to pass on this opportunity, or lock in these dates.

Are you considering participating in the 2017 Studio Tour?

If you answered "Yes," please continue. If you answered "No," that's all we need. Just click "Submit" and thank you for your input.

Do you have a preference of dates? (check all dates that are okay for you)
Do you prefer holding the Tour 1 or 2 weekends?
Do you believe a Preview Exhibit is necessary?
Where would you like to see the Preview Exhibit held?
Comments: (especially important to let us know if there are conflicts with any of the suggested dates)