Barbara Hengstenberg

acrylic, pen/ink, pencil, and collage/mixed media.

Colors and patterns spark my desire to create. Balance and play are key to my work, which I try to capture through colors that complement or contrast one another and through brush strokes and shapes. Rarely do I have a plan when I begin a painting, drawing, or collage. Rather, I follow my intuition as the patterns and visual stories emerge through the process of making art.

My multimedia/painted collages combine acrylic painting with antique sheet music (much of it from my late grandmother), photos, letters and other ephemera to tell a story of long ago lives. My zen folk art ink drawings create an intimate world where working with colors, design and beauty becomes a meditative practice. And through acrylic painting, I celebrate the colors and highlights found in nature to create a feeling of respect for sublime peace.

I invite those looking at my art to peer closely and find hidden-in-full-view details.

Artist Bio

In her past life, Barbara managed an international artisan non-profit organization, a market research firm, and many classrooms. She has been creating art as far back as she can remember. Barbara’s experience has culminated in the founding of WildesArt, a gathering place for musicians, visual artists, writers, poets, foodies, and yogis. Barbara holds an M.A. in Education from the University of Saint Joseph, in Connecticut. She taught in Connecticut Public Schools for over 13 years. Barbara has served on the Board and is an Advisory Member of the NC Arts Incubator, as well as the Writer-in-Residence and Education Advisor for Piedmont Farm Animal Refuge in Pittsboro. Barbara currently resides in Chatham County, where she and her husband are in the process of building a farm for rescued farm animals who have suffered abuse or neglect.