Beverly McAnulty

Glencoe Studios
watercolors, pastels, and memory journals

I always wanted to paint, but like others I thought you had to be born an artist. I kept saying, "Well when I retire I will learn to paint. " Then when I turned fifty I decided I didn't want to wait any longer so I signed up for the only class I could fit into my schedule - a watercolor class. I was hooked, but found it was eight more years before I could take my next class. I continue to take watercolor classes and have also tried acrylics and pastels. There is nothing like being in that "zone" when paint, paper, water, brushes, etc come together and magic happens! Painting lets me be a child again playing with colors. I love color - deep, rich, pure color! I am still trying all kinds of styles and techniques. For me it is important to just keep trying and learning. My "voice" will come, but for now the journey is the focus.

Artist Bio

To a great degree I am a self-taught artist with a lot of help from a lot of sources. I took three drawing lessons and otherwise I have had to teach myself to draw. During the eight years I didn't paint, I bought and read every book I could on watercolor and art techniques/materials in general. When I retired in 2010, I started taking classes at Alamance Community College with Kathleen Gwinnett. I also studied with Pam Watts. For the past three years I have tried to take at least one workshop a year from a well-known national artist. Being part of the Alamance Artisans Guild has also been a real plus. I have learned a lot about "seeing" from many of these artists, who are generous in sharing their knowledge. YouTube and a couple of on-line courses have also helped me with specific topics. I am sure I will never stop learning from all avenues available.