Celine Meador

Celine Meador Studios

Sometimes I think salt water runs in my veins. I have almost always lived on the ocean, or a bay, or a gulf - or the sea; and apart from the people I love, nothing makes me feel more alive than to feel the salt spray on my face. It has been a joy to me to paint and photograph many of the same scenes that Winslow Homer painted so wonderfully, and if you detect the influence of his work reflected in mine, then I am achieving some of what I had intended.

Now, for the first time in my life I am living in a place (central North Carolina) that allows me to experience the full impact of four seasons of the year. How wonderful for a painter! Many of my landscapes come from within a hundred miles of my home. Others obviously come from all over.

I am so grateful to be able to do something that brings me such pleasure. It is also my hope that through my paintings, I can share what I love with others.

Artist Bio

Celine Meador, Alabama Gulf Coast native, is a former corporate communications director; newspaper and magazine photographer; open water SCUBA instructor, underwater photographer, resort owner in the Cayman Islands; and the published author of several books.

As painter, photographer and writer, Celine has spent most of her life on the sea and her work today reflects the palette of sun, sea and sky. She favors large canvases, bright colors, landscapes and seascapes, but ventures into many subjects.

Celine owns and manages Fine Art Carolina and Folk Art Gallery, as well as The Downtown Table, a new fine dining restaurant in historic downtown Mebane.