Daniel Frost

Daniel works in charcoal/graphite, pastel and watercolor

Faces are wonderfully ironic, complex yet simple, challenging your perception and interpretation of your subject and surroundings long after the piece is completed. This is probably why I find myself immersed in several styles of portraits and caricature, experimenting with new media/techniques or refining current ones. I love continually learning about new techniques and styles to further develop my artistic technique.


Daniel Frost Artist Bio

The love of art and creating it has influenced every aspect of Daniel’s life; he even makes a living as a custom framer/freelance artist. Daniel’s body of work include s; murals, portraits, several forms of caricature, shadowboxes, and custom framing in a varied array of media showcased in published material and displayed in businesses/private collections. Recent transplant to NC, he is eager to further refine his technique/style creating new works in a great community of copious inspiration and heritage.