Debbie Martz

painting and mixed media

I have been an artist for as long as I can remember. My heart soars when my creativity speaks out, and I give it a voice on canvas, or through whatever medium inspires me. Some of my favorite tools to work with, are a pink, plastic spray bottle, and my oldest, well worn brushes.

In my studio, I strive to combine a sense of adventure, with art created from a daring, expressive spirit. I have a background working as a Graphic Artist. I love to experiment with new techniques, and I am intrigued by color, direction, symbols, and texture. I experience profound joy as I utilize these elements to capture the viewer’s attention, and kindle a conversation.

I often approach a new creation with a very definite direction stemming from a thought or emotion. However, some of my favorite pieces are the result of experimentation. I allow myself to open up as the paint flows, and brushes fly. Making playful connections, this spontaneity develops a voice which communicates to my heart and hands. As an artist, I aspire to be a catalyst, evoking positive changes in the heart, and attitude of others. Through fearless, honest reflection, I strive to motivate, serve, and inspire.

Artist Bio

Debbie Martz was born in Ridgeway, Pennsylvania, and currently works from her home studio in Mebane, NC. Debbie is an artist who has a deep affection for all things made by hand. She believes all material has a potential to become art when observed with a discerning eye. To name a few, Martz has created countless works of art, aside from paintings, utilizing metal, wire, slate, calligraphy, and fiber. Primarily, Debbie is a painter, focusing in the mediums of acrylic, oil, and pastel.

Debbie is a graduate of the Art Institute of Pittsburgh, PA, where she majored in Visual Communications. She has had both solo and group exhibits throughout the Eastern US, and Shanghai, China, where she lived for three years. She continues to develop her artistic skills through workshops at Touchstone Center of the Arts in PA, and Art of the Carolinas.

Debbie is a family centered individual, and especially loves the heart and minds of the young. She has taught art classes at the Lee Christian School in Sanford, North Carolina, as well as private classes in her home studio.

Martz is a Board Member, and Steering Committee Chairperson, of the Alamance Artisans Guild. Three of Debbie’s paintings are part of the permanent collection at UNC Chapel Hill, NC. She enjoys having her artistic skills benefit charity organizations. Some of these include, the Hospice & Pallative Care Center of Alamance, Wildlife Rehabilitation, Benevolence Farm, and Rail Trails. Debbie was also responsible for the design and creation of “Penny, the Amazing Coin Converting Cow,” and “Confetti Cow,” for the NC Cow Parade, to benefit the NC Children’s Hospital.