Elaine Pelkey-Herrick

Elaine works in acrylic painting and mixed-media

An American born in 1940 art has been a lifetime experience for me. At the age of ten, Christmas presented a coloring book and crayons. After this wonderful discovery of using color, it was fun to draw and continue to use the crayons. That was over sixty years ago.


Elaine Pelkey-Herrick Artist Bio

At age sixteen, my birthday gift was an oil painting set. My mother was a smart parent recognizing my eager artistic efforts. Due to her support, I am basically self-taught. At eighteen years of age, I started framing my art and early twenties entered art shows. My work has sold in many venues and I am fortunate to have been involved in numerous art guilds. I switched to acrylic paints around thirty years ago and found my favorite medium. The subjects favored are landscapes, seascapes, flowers, abstracts and wildlife. Now retired, you will find me in my comfort zone, painting many subjects and utilizing different styles; realism, surrealistic, impressionism, abstract and abstract impressionism. Thank you for viewing my artwork.