Elizabeth Jones

fused glass

I am primarily a self-taught fused glass artist. Before 2004 I knew absolutely nothing about fused glass/kiln fired glass but I was introduced to it through an early morning program on HGTV. That television program gave me my first fusing lesson and I have been hooked since that day. In the beginning I made jewelry focusing mainly on making pendants that were wore on long 35” to 40” leather cords.

Since then I have added decorative and functional plates, platters, bowls and lamp shades to my body of work. I continue to design and create lots of fused glass earrings, cuff links, necklaces, bracelets and brooches. My fused glass jewelry often includes fine silver wire that is fired into the glass during the fusing process and sterling silver that’s added as a design element after the jewelry piece has been fired.

For me the joy of fusing is in the colors the process allows me to bring together. Once I determine a color palette for a piece, my uncomplicated designs seem to effortlessly emerge and the kiln does the rest of the job. The process is one of almost immediate gratification. That too is a joy.

Glass powder is a recent addition to my work. Layering glass powder enables new creative possibilities. The powder makes possible greater variation in the intensity of colors.

I love the work I do and the products of that work.

Artist Bio

Elizabeth Jones is a retired public school employee who discovered fused glass around the time she began her retirement in 2005. She enjoys the way fused glass projects allow her to get involved with color and design. Her first creations were pendants that she describes as substantial when referring to their size. Now she has gone on to create cuff links, brooches, earrings, and tabletop pieces that are both decorative and functional. Her brooches are her favorite.

Elizabeth’s work is available in several North Carolina galleries. She and three other artists formed an association for group exhibits.

She lives and creates her fused glass art in Durham, NC.