Joseph Pio Asterita

Joseph works in metal art fabrication

I design, fabricate and weld metal into geometric art. Most of my designs are centered on universal patterns and shapes that are mathematically balanced and reference ‘the code’ of harmony found in the atom, mathematics, music, architecture as well as the human body. I also enjoy fabricating free flowing art to exercise my imagination. My art has ranged in size from 7 inches to 7 feet, the larger requiring some creative rigging on my trailer to get it to site. Working with new stock metal from the mill or pieces rummaged from the scrap yard provides me with great joy and has enabled me to humbly join the ranks of creative artists.


Joseph Pio Asterita Artist Bio

Retired from 3 decades of corporate management, Joseph first turned his artistic talent to writing and has published a book of poetry and an historical fiction novel. However, his experience working with metal in the Air Force during the Vietnam Era and the First Gulf War, re-emerged while assisting a friend in fabricating a metal art lawn structure. From then on, he embraced metal art with zeal and has designed and fabricated wall, garden and free- standing metal art pieces.


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