Larry Hinshaw

MT Bottle Glassworks

Much of my life has been about learning how to make things with a concentration on variety. Glass has been a fascination all along the way and seems to have settled my wandering eye into focus.

My entry into glass has been to reuse and recycle what is being thrown away. With the right tools, bottle glass can be cut, sanded, etched, fused, molded, polished, and reformed into an infinite number of things, both artful and useful. Bottle glass as a raw material, comes in limitless forms, colors and textures. In glass fusing, the exact composition of the glass is critical for compatibility and bottles don’t have those labels. If two pieces (colors) are not compatible, they will let you know (fracturing), but only after you try.

Ideas generate ideas and the path is fun, challenging, and sometimes rewarding.

Artist Bio

I grew up in the textile yarn world, as the family was in the hosiery yarn and outlet fabric business. My education followed suit with a B.S. in textiles from N.C. State University. First job was with Allied Chemical in Columbia, SC which manufactured nylon yarn. Having grown up in a family business, the corporate world was not a good fit. Came back to the family business and expanded into textile related horse equipment and stayed with that for about 30 years. Along the way had a southwestern themed retail art and furnishing store in Raleigh for 6 years where I started doing picture framing. Was a partner in an art metal business in Farmington, NM, and helped start a handmade terra cotta pottery import business in Rifle, Colorado. In 2000 I returned to Burlington and resumed picture framing in our used to be textile warehouse and do so currently along with the glasswork. I am blessed with room to do my thing.

I am married to a most lovely lady named Nancy for soon to be 13 years and after a couple of other experiences my family says I finally got it right. Between us there are four kids and 8 grandchildren, all of which we are immensely proud of and most grateful for.

We try to be keenly aware of just how fortunate we are.