Marilyn Ruberg

Marilyn works in photography

Marilyn’s interest in photography led to an exciting and creative hobby. The evidence of Marilyn’s artistic eye can be seen in the vivid expressions of her photographs. These images are but a sampling of the magic she has brought back from around the globe. By attaching actual prints of her photographs to high quality note cards, she has created the perfect gift idea. BY signing each card personally, Marilyn let’s you know that each and every card has been touched by the artist.


Marilyn Ruberg Artist Bio

My pursuit of Photography emanates from my passion for life and nature. I’m self taught, and feel naked without my camera at hand. Each new day offers unique opportunities to capture a precious moment in time, a surprise waiting around the next turn. I have traveled extensively with my husband over the last thirty years. With family in England, I’ve enjoyed the many offerings in their lush gardens, sites and history. Children and grands near the Rocky Mountains offer a mix of seasonal delights. China and Japan increased my yearnings for Asian Culture, and offered a splendid opportunity for my photographer’s yen. Europe, followed by Egypt and Russia delighted and astounded me with their centuries of precious antiquities. Back home, the magnificent National Parks highlighted the jewels of our country; what treasures abound!

Cards by Marilyn started as gifts for special occasions and a thank you for family and friends. I am elated when the light, composition and subject matter come together for that dynamic photo. My hobby is a joy that I love to share with others.


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