Melissa Walker

Stanfield-Walker Studios
Melissa works in painting, pastel, watercolor and collage

I incorporate nautical charts as collage in my paintings to illustrating the essence of the ocean and surrounding areas by depicting atmospheric conditions and times of day without creating a realistic view. I bring the viewer into the artwork with titles that repeat locations on the charts. Some will see the image as a birds eye view, much as you would view a map or look at the earth from an airplane. Others will see the same painting as a landscape, with the traditional sky, horizon line and water.


Melissa Walker Artist Bio

My current work is a continuing exploration of acrylic abstract painting. Paintings are started by underpainting with a contrasting color of acrylic paint. As I build the surface, I use a variety of combs and stamps to add texture and movement, revealing the underlying color. Gestural lines are added as a finishing touch.


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