Pamela Groben

Caterpillar Creek Pottery
functional stoneware

I love making wheel-thrown pottery. The physical process of throwing pots is a real joy and can be a meditative experience. The process of combining form with surface decoration is a creative process that challenges me every day. I have been experimenting with slips, wax resist, carving, and spraying glazes to create interesting surfaces. My goal is to make beautiful pots people can use in their daily lives.

Artist Bio

I am a potter from Hillsborough with a focus on making functional pots for daily use. My work has been inspired by clay artists Marie Summers, Ronan Peterson, Susan Filley, and Nick Joerling. I spent a week in Tuscany making pots with Ellen Shankin and more recently Steven Hill provided another approach to cone 6 firing techniques. These artists have shaped my approach to form and decorating and inspired new ways of looking at clay. I have expanded my interest into altered forms and combining hand built with wheel thrown forms. I have participated in all of the Alamance County artists’ tours. I was also asked to participate in the “Wild Fire” (Alamance county stoneware past and present) exhibit at the North Carolina Pottery center, August through October, 2011 and participated in the "Pouring Vessels" exhibits at the Point of View Gallery, spring 2012-2015.