Priscilla Holt Starling

Priscilla works in watercolor and acrylic painting

Simply put, I paint subjects from our world that fascinate and please me. I love painting animals from the air, ground and the sea. Trees and bright-colored flowers make my heart sing. Whether water appears in a river, stream or the ocean, I want to paint it! I love barns, the older the better. Traveling gives me particular joy and I wish to transport you to the spots I have loved. My paintings are simple and colorful, and mostly realistic. Commissioned work is always appreciated. Call me @ (336)228-8202 or email me at [email protected]


Priscilla Holt Starling Artist Bio

Priscilla was born and raised in Jacksonville, Florida and received her B.S and M. Ed. Degrees from Florida State University. She moved to Alamance County in 1967 where she delights in her family of four children and three grandchildren.

She wore many hats in education for over forty years as teacher, central office administrator, elementary school principal, co-owner of a school supply store, and adjunct professor at Elon University. Since retiring, she concentrates her time on her family and friends, church, volunteer work, travel and painting.

Priscilla has studied with Jill Troutman, Betty Tyler, Pam Watts, and has taken various additional workshops. She invites you to find pleasure in her work and would be delighted to paint something special for you.


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