Ross Strange

painting and photography

As the saying goes, we should stop and smell the roses. As an artist, I would also encourage one to stop and experience the arts. Whenever possible, I enjoy capturing what I see, presenting it in an artistic way, and sharing it with others. As you journey through life, may you also stop, smell the roses, and experience the arts.

Artist Bio

I grew up in Greensboro, NC. After graduating from Elon College, I got married. My wife Paula and I have lived in Burlington, NC ever since. In addition to art and photography, I enjoy gardening, woodworking, and a little pottery as well. However, oil painting and art study have become my primary passion over the last several years. Though my art interests go back to my childhood, with the exception of a couple of art classes in my teen years, I was primarily self taught. To intensify my efforts toward becoming a better artist, I enrolled in art classes with local artist Betty Tyler. I studied with her for several years. I enjoy studio painting as well as plein air painting. The studio provides me with time for detail, while plein air painting challenges me to more quickly capture a scene, and at the same time allows me to enjoy my natural surroundings. The more I become involved with art, the more I appreciate the beauty of this world which surrounds me. It’s like an ordinary scene can all of a sudden become a beautiful picture in my mind. It is this picture that I want to share with others through my artistic expression.