Steve Cann

Steve Cann Pottery
Steve works in functional pottery

The direction of my art is to make functional and very attractive pottery. The focus is how to create beautiful glazes which can embellish the shapes with astonishing combinations and flows which are each individual in composition. I believe in knowledge transfer so everyone can learn.


Steve Cann Artist Bio

I am a retired teacher, if that is possible. After many years of work in high tech, pottery called to me as the avocation of choice. After beginning with a pottery class given by Alamance Community College in 2009 with Jan Holloman as the teacher, it was clear that pottery was fun and challenging. Each of the people who use clay to bring their art to life have styles and destinations they need to form. As I learn more about how to use the clay to allow me to let a shape flow from me into the clay, the art rewards me with a moment of triumph which I can celebrate. As a reminder, the clay can also remind me that well maybe "you need to try that again" which is all part of the coming celebrations. I have been able to teach pottery and have a particular knack to help someone learn to center. Which makes me very happy when the student feels the clay become quiet in their hands. Then we are booth hooked even more.


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