Susan Hope

Everhope Design Studios
Stained, fused, painted glass

There is such a delicacy and a permanency in glass. My joy is in creating a very substantial piece of glass casting that holds within it a detailed memory of a moment or place in time that might otherwise be completely lost or forgotten. Capturing these places and moments in glass helps to preserve the glory of the past for the future.

Artist Bio

Susan Hope has created with glass for over 30 years although she trained as an illustrator and printmaker... Through some funny circumstances glass found her. Having discovered fused glass methods over 10 years ago and combining delicate glass painting methods, she now is able to incorporate her illustrations into the glass. These pieces have been displayed as cast blocks or in repurposed window sashes.... She is always trying to reuse and combine the old and the new. Her work can be seen at her studio during the Alamance Studio Tour, Orange County Studio Tour and at Hillsborough Galley of Arts.