Violet DeKnikker

Pulp 4 Papers
Violet works in silver point, pen & ink, watercolor

I have this insatiable desire to replicate texture through various mediums of art. Initially it was by utilizing acrylic and watercolor painting. Realizing through my studies of these processes, I needed to go back to what some people say is the core of everything, drawing.
Accepting the simplicities of nature and appreciating what nature has to offer, leaves me with my personal internal goal: “To draw and paint the simplest design, yet create a picture or representation with the most emphasis”. This then is my daily journaling goal for at least fifteen minutes every day in one form or another.
Being unable to find the specific type of journals for use in my daily art journaling process, I began making specially designed handmade journals for art and writing.


Violet DeKnikker Artist Bio

Violet DeKnikker has had a variety of career adventures while serving in the Air Force as an electronics technician. Her travels to various states and European countries of Greenland, England, Ireland, Scotland, The Gambia, Germany, France and Canada allowed her ample opportunities to appreciate a variety of architectural designs of local buildings and observe local cultures.
While working at the University of North Carolina and Duke University, she realized retirement would bring new adventures and she began working with fabric and studying acrylic painting. This lead to multiple classes with Pepper Cory, Ken Hobson, Betty Tyler, Jinxiu Zhao, and Dan Nelson, along with a lot of self-guided indulgences with a variety of drawing and painting processes.
Studying drawing lead her to a drawing process done by ‘The Old Masters’ referred to as Silver Point drawing. She also enjoys pencil, pen & ink, pen & ink with watercolor, acrylic, watercolor and Chinese Brush Painting.
She is a member of the Watercolor Society of North Carolina. Her works have been shown at The National Humanities Center in Research Triangle Park, NC; the Durham Orange Quilters Guild Show in Durham, NC for multiple years; The Paramount Theater in Burlington, NC; Alamance Arts Christmas Show at Captain White’s House, The River Landing Inn, and Benjamin Wineries, Graham, NC; Harry’s Market, Chapel Hill, NC and The Garden Center in Apex, NC.


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