2018 Participating Artists

Deborah Barnett, hand built decorative and functional pottery
Carolyn Bell, oil, watercolor, and acrylic painting
Cindy Biles, clay sculpture and hypoallergenic jewelry
Violet DeKnikker, silverpoint, pen & ink, and watercolor
Wendy Durham, drawing & watercolor
James & Rita Duxbury, turned wooden art
Tekla Frey, Chinese brush stroke 
Daniel Frost, 2-D portrait and caricature
Kathleen Gwinnett, realistic and impressionist paintings
Heather Hans, vivid abstract expressionist paintings
Belinda Hardin, wheel thrown stoneware
Brenda Hornsby Heindl, wood fired, salt glazed pottery made from NC Clay
Larry Hinshaw, glass
Jan Holloman, functional and decorative stoneware pottery
Jean Fortune Kaplan, fiber art
Susan Kern , functional stoneware pottery
Sean Leahy, wildlife photography
Janae Lehto, colored pencils and pastels
Jude Lobe, painting and copper jewelry
Debbie Martz, painting; acrylic, oil, pastel, and mixed media
Nancy Pickens, fiber art and wearables
Molly Brown Roberts, painting
Pat Scheible, colorful acrylic paintings; whimsical assemblage jewelry
Suzan Scribner-Reed, collaged recycled paper jewelry and mixed media
Martha Sink, functional and decorative pottery, and clay jewelry
Beth Sheffield, fluid acrylics & mixed media
Carol Taylor, acrylic paintings
Pamela Watts , watercolor painting
Emily Eve Weinstein, painting & book author
Curry Wilkinson, pottery
Edo Zadora, painting


Below are images from 2017 [click image for enlargement and slideshow]

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