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HELP! We need somebodies.
HELP! Not just any bodies.
HELP! You know we need someone. HELP!

We need help to help pick up the grids for the Art Extravaganza.
Two able bodies to help Sean load grids in Whitsett into a U-Haul truck;

Wednesday, October 17th around 5:30 PM. 

Please contact Sean Leahy, [email protected]


When do we find out how many grids and tables we get?

The quick answer is, we will send out a list of your names and what you have been allocated on Sept. 20th. The Steering Committee is meeting Sept. 19th to determine how many grids and/or tables and sizes you will each be allocated. There are a limited number of grids and tables, especially the 8′ tables. They will be given out in the order your application was received.

Also, you will be notified whether you were lucky enough to score a booth with electricity. On that note, let me tell you that Vailtree has made improvements to the lighting, so even if you don’t get electricity, it will be better than last year.

Does everyone have to give an artwork for the Raffle?

Yes. It was printed in the application as one of the responsibilities of participating. This is a way that we make part of the money to put on the Art Extravaganza. It helps defray the cost of the booths so we can keep the low cost at $160.

When do I bring in the artwork for the Raffle and where to I bring it?

This year, Nancy Pickens, ([email protected]) is in charge of getting the RAFFLE set up. Everyone is required to bring one of their artworks for the RAFFLE on the day you come in to set up your booth. This artwork should be representative of your best works. It is advertising for you.

SET-UP DATE: Friday, October 19th
TIME: Noon-5pm


Set up of booths for participants: Friday, October 19, 12-5 pm
Art Extravaganza event: Saturday, October 20 & Sunday, 21, 2018
Wrap-Up party for participants: TBA

Contact Information:

Alamance Art Extravaganza Steering Committee
PO Box 1144
Mebane, NC 27302

Alamance Artisans Annual Art Extravaganza 2018! Steering Committee
Our purpose is to facilitate, so please contact us with questions or concerns.

Co-Chairs: Tekla Frey ([email protected]) & Jude Lobe ([email protected])
Treasurer/Secretary: Debbie Martz, [email protected], 724-970-4040
Application/Survey: Anita Vigorito, [email protected], 336-207-1613
Supporters: Carolyn Bell, [email protected], 336-578-1509
Hospitality: Gregg Lee, [email protected]
Signs: Larry Hinshaw, [email protected], 336-570-0288
Publicity: Edo Zadora, [email protected], 919-932-0942
Distribution: James & Rita Duxbury, [email protected], 336-227-7168

Brochure: Nichole Martz, [email protected]

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