NCAC LogoThe Grassroots Arts Program, administered by the NC Arts Council, provides per capita–based funding for arts programming to all 100 NC counties, ensuring opportunities for citizens to experience the arts in their own communities. Activities include festivals, concerts, dance and theater productions, artists in schools programs, galleries, Native American powwows, art classes, and African drumming circles.

In most counties local arts councils have been nominated by their county governments and approved by the NC Arts Council as Designated County Partners to manage grassroots funds and programs. The Alamance County Arts Council establishes a grants panel and accepts applications, provided that the state legislature approves funding for the Grassroots Arts Program. Even though that funding was in doubt, in 2013–2014 the Alamance County Arts Council was able to fund applications totaling over $13,000.

The Alamance Artisans guild is grateful to have received a grant of $1,000 to support the growth of the Alamance Studio Tour by revamping its Internet presence. Each year guild members open their studios to thousands of visitors, introducing the guests to individual artisans’ processes and the abundance of talent in Alamance County. The studio tour substantively contributes not only to the personal incomes of working artists but also to the retail sales within our county.