Kathy Alderman

painting and photography

Mary Archer

photography and watercolor painting

Merritt Barnett

Bonsai, Pottery

Deb Barnett

Hand build decorative and functional pottery using the collaboration of things found in nature, textures, stamps and glazing techniques.

Carolyn Bell

oil, watercolor, and acrylic painting

Cindy Biles

Hypoallergenic jewelry, clay sculpture

Dottie Blanchard

Watercolor painting

India Cain


Glenn Collins

Photography. Black and white silver gelatin prints.

Terry Cott


Nancy Diciolla

Painter, Sculptor, Digital Art, Mixed Media

Wayne Drumheller

Photography, photojournalism, posterized art photography

Jim Duxbury

turned wood art and kaleidoscopes

Linda Fowler

Drawing, painting

Linda Holch Gordon

Acrylic painting

Chris Graebner


Kathleen Gwinnett

Watercolor, acrylics, reproductions
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