About Us

Alamance Artisans Guild is a North Carolina guild formed to:

  • nurture the production of fine arts and fine crafts
  • increase the awareness of handmade objects
  • facilitate networking among artisans
  • develop marketing venues for members.

We meet at 7:00 pm on the third Tuesday of every month except July and December.  Guests are welcome!



Membership is open to artisans of any medium who are at least 16 years of age. Learn more about becoming a member.

Board of Directors

Deb Barnett, Carolyn Bell, Jean Kaplan, Sean Leahy, Anita Vigorito, Pat Towery, Sarah Wilkinson, Mary Archer

Executive Committee

(Officers, elected from the Board)
President: Jean Kaplan
Vice-President: Deb Barnett
Secretary: Anita Vigorito
Treasurer: Mary Archer


The Executive Committee, consisting of the officers, implements policies established by the Board of Directors and reports on Board activities.

The Communications/Email Committee is responsible for the AAG website, emails to the membership, and other online communication such as Facebook.

The Hospitality Committee is responsible for coordinating the potlucks, reporting on potential artistic venues that members may have an interest in participating such as local art and craft shows and “caring” needs of members such as sending cards to members if someone dies, wedding or special accomplishment.

The Events/Exhibitions Committee plans, organizes, and coordinates at least two guild exhibitions and/or related events each year.

The Membership Committee maintains membership materials, sends packets to new members, creates name tags, sends renewal reminders, works with the Communications Committee to update the membership roster, and conducts other membership activities as required.

The Program Committee develops, organizes, and coordinates social events and programs for monthly meetings and a subcommittee, carries out any social events for the Guild including but not limited to twice-yearly potluck events.

The Art Extravaganza Steering Committee and subcommittees will plan for and oversee the annual Art Extravaganza. The Steering Committee is responsible for forming subcommittees as deemed necessary to achieve that goal and shall be responsible for regular reports to the Board of Directors.

The Nominating Committee shall serve as an ad hoc committee for the purpose of producing a ballot for members of the Board of Directors and shall consist of a chairman appointed by the Board who shall appoint two additional members