Jim Duxbury

Elegant Creations
turned wood art and kaleidoscopes

A perfectionist known for "thinking out of the box," I pride myself in creating wooden items of beauty that also are designed to function well. My fascination with wood and wood grains, from the most exotic to the common native varieties, and my ability to employ the wood lathe and adapt tools, lead to experiments of new and exciting ideas. I admire creativity and have a keen appreciation for wood as a natural media. My woodturnings and kaleidoscopes are distinctive fine artistic pieces that have won awards and accolades for not only their elegant quality but for their uniqueness of design which sets them apart from other turned wooden objects.

Artist Bio

Jim Duxbury, woodturner and inventor, is the kind of guy who thinks and creates "out of the box." His turnings are unique and he seldom turns the same thing twice. With the help of his pet parrotlet, "Bean" creativity abounds - all sorts of fine turnings are made from small bottle stoppers to bowls, bud vases, trays, furniture, kaleidoscopes, turned wooden hats, pens, and even a working Foucault Pendulum. Jim's kaleidoscopes are a signature item, custom designed and the recipient of numerous awards. Although Jim quit working in 1996 and claims to be retired, he has since obtained two U. S. Patents. The inventor of particulate dust respirators, his company, DUXTERITY LLC, markets the Resp-O-Rator�, and Elegant Creations, his gallery of fine wooden objects, including Kaleidoscope Plans, Kaleidoscope Building DVD, and custom wooden Kaleidoscopes. Details can be seen at www.duxterity.com/ec. Jim demonstrates to woodturning clubs and symposiums all over the country in addition to writing for numerous wood magazines and journals.