Rita Duxbury

Elegant Creations


Each day is a new adventure and I approach life just that way, realizing that there are not enough hours in the day to learn, experiment, explore, and create. Creativity is something I have dabbled in from childhood art classes in watercolor, sketching, and pottery to later quilting and sewing, but never devoted the required time to make them my forte.

Woodturning and teaching others the skill of turning has become a part of my focus – as it is my husband’s life and much a part of our daily routine. Often I am amazed at my own finished pieces which have been carefully scrutinized by my mentor - a perfectionist. What better way to learn the art of woodturning?

Artist Bio

Listen to her accent and you will quickly realize that Rita is from Massachusetts. With 2 Masters Degrees she continues her 40+ years in education as a part-time librarian at Alamance Community College. A retired US Navy Reserve Intelligence Officer, she has traveled the world, always ready for a new adventure.

With an interest in woodturning and a keen appreciation for the beauty and qualities of wood, and with the mentoring of her husband, Jim, she has advanced from sweeping sawdust to actually creating her own wooden pieces. Rita assists with Jim’s demonstrations at woodturning clubs, symposiums and workshops throughout the country.