Deb Barnett

Hardwood Lane Studios
Hand build decorative and functional pottery using the collaboration of things found in nature, textures, stamps and glazing techniques.

Deb creates hand-built functional and decorative pottery. As much as possible, Deb sources North Carolina clay for her pieces. Through a combination of simple elegance, texture, shadow, and contrast, Deb transforms clay into usable forms.

Artist Bio

LIFE AND THE STUDIOS Merritt and Deb first connected when he noticed that Deb made pottery and she saw that Merritt’s bonsai grew in pots. This first conversation planted the seeds for their marriage, and their support for one another’s passions continues to grow. After a long search, Deb and Merritt found a property in Hillsborough, NC with ample garden space and a garage perfectly suited to be converted into a pottery studio. Since making this property their home, the Barnett's have planted vegetable beds, herb gardens, and a blueberry grove that grow along Merritt’s bonsai, and transformed the garage into space for Deb’s clay, kiln, and creativity. Most importantly, their home provides the perfect backdrop to relax and share time with friends and family. Deb and Merritt enjoy opening up their home- Hardwood Lane Studios- as part of local studio tours. They look forward to talking with you and sharing what’s new.

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