Jan Holloman

Little Dog Pottery
functional and decorative pottery

When I work with clay, I am reminded of my connection to the earth. When I work with clay, I feel free to form whatever I can imagine. I take pleasure in thinking of my finished pieces being held in human hands, used and enjoyed, perhaps even long after I have left this earth.

Artist Bio

Jan is originally from Raleigh, NC where she received a degree in biology from NCSU. She moved to Greensboro, and after a long career as a science teacher there, she moved to coastal North Carolina and continued to teach until retirement. While teaching at Carteret Community College in Morehead City, she discovered the pottery classes that were offered there. Beginning in hand-built pottery, then continuing on to wheel-throwing, she studied with a local potter, Scott Haines, owner of Bridges Street Pottery in Morehead City. A return to the Piedmont in 2001 brought the opportunity to create her own studio and to continue learning new pottery skills. Jan enjoys attending workshops and classes at Dan Finch Pottery in Bailey and John C. Campbell School near Murphy. She now teaches pottery classes at Alamance Community College in Burlington. She resides in Gibsonville with her husband David and "little dog", Maggie May. Her functional stoneware pottery reflects the natural forms and colors that surround the area.