Bob York

Robert York Studio
painting and sculpture

I have always been captivated by visual phenomena and the processes involved in the creation of art. Every drawing, painting or sculpture begins as a journey, sometimes commencing with a preconceived idea or occasionally starting as sheer abandon. Developing with every accumulation or change, ultimately transforming into a work whose imagery satisfies me.

Artist Bio

Graduated Averett University 1958. BFA Virginia Commonwealth University 1960. Followed a career in graphic design until returning to Averett University to teach art. Earned a MFA at the University of North Carolina while continuing to teach. Moved to
Sanibel Island, Florida and became a founding member of the Barrier Island Group for the Arts. President of Florida Artist Group, Inc while continuing to teach art. An art in public places grant allowed me to create a large sculpture for a college in Florida. I designed a museum for the Potawatomi Indian Tribe in Shawnee, Oklahoma. While in Florida I was an AMA Gallery Director, a member of the State of Florida Art in Public Places, Chairman of the Art in Public Places Board for Lee County. After more than thirty years on Sanibel, my wife, Nancy and I moved to North Carolina while maintaining a residence in Florida. I am a current member and past-president of the Danville, Virginia Art League as well as other local art organizations while continuing to create paintings and sculpture from a studio on three acres a short distance from our home in Whitsett.