Deborah Ussery

Mixed media, Silver/copper and semi-precious stone jewelry

I have been painting and making jewelry for more than 20 years, but I really ratcheted up my game after retiring in 2019. For my jewelry, I concentrate on sterling and fine silver, copper, and semiprecious stones. My style is eclectic, and I think of it as wearable art. In my two-dimensional artwork, I incorporate acrylics, watercolor, markers, charcoal, and pencils, My paintings/mixed media pieces are abstract, surreal, textured, and tactile.

Artist Bio

Pre-Covid, the only formal training I had in the arts was metalsmithing classes. During Covid, I took a number of art tutorials online, including LifeBook 2022, Matisse Cutouts, face drawing. I recently enrolled in a Kintsugi class and a clay sculpting class. I am newly elected to the Alamance Artisans Board as their secretary, and I have been a docent with Alamance Arts for 5 years.