Jude Lobe

Osprey Studio
pottery and encaustics

Cold Wax and oil is my preferred medium. I work as a graphic designer and visual artist. I always painted in oil, but in my twenties while working in Peace Corps Philippines, I discovered pottery and weaving. Working with the pottery made me sensitive to the tactile aspect of an artwork. Weaving gave me a medium to explore color. I enjoy exploring new mediums to see what they can add to my artwork. Adding textures and and colors to pottery, copper and cold wax & oil artworks create not just a visual experience, but also a tactual one. Where this might all lead me next? Creating visual experiences mixing unique combinations of painting, pottery, weaving and enameling.
In my paintings I hope to evoke the emotion of the scene.

Artist Bio

Lobe began as a visual artist in her youth concentrating on painting. After college she entered Peace Corps where she came in contact with weavers and developed a love of textures. Upon returning, Lobe worked at EPA following her passion to safeguard our natural resources. After grad school Lobe got married and had kids. After a hiatus staying home raising her children, she returned to art working as a graphic designer while continuing studies in various art mediums like enameling and pottery. In 2006 she joined with 14 other artists and opened an artists' owned and operated art gallery and began working as a full-time artist.