Leigh S. Holt

Leigh works in watercolor painting

I have always enjoyed art in many forms my entire life. I never considered myself an artist even though I would often draw and sketch as a teen. I find that I feel very satisfied and serene while being creative, whether taking a pottery class in college, planting flowers in my garden or sewing Halloween costumes for my children. I started taking watercolor classes at the age of 50 and have been mesmerized by the process. I love the way the water takes the pigment on a journey across the paper, depending on how I decide to manipulate it. My inspiration comes from nature, memories of my childhood and people and pets I love.


Leigh S. Holt Artist Bio

Bom in Alamance County, I now live in Swepsonville, NC with my husband Franz of 30 years. We have two children, Sidney and Skyler and a little shih tzu. Sophie.


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