Cottonwood Studios
O'Neal works in wood

O'Neal Jones. "My contemporary wood furniture incorporates shoji design and construction. Shoji consist of a framework and an interior field of small interwoven lattice called kumiko, precisely cut and joined for a woven non-glued assembly. The framework provides the foundation for the shoji’s function as room dividers, doors, window shades and wall art, while the kumiko provide the artistry of the shoji.
I use the kumiko as a palette of shape and image possibilities. Drawing inspiration from natural shapes and musical sounds, my goal with every shoji design is to portray an image as simply as possible while maintaining structural integrity. With this directive of simplicity, I can use the least amount of well-chosen woods with the greatest amount of impact. Spending much free time outdoors as an avid hiker has shaped my belief that the best use for wood is a tree, yet it is also my material of choice with which to design and build. It is with this reverence for the material that I work toward making the most of this precious resource after it comes to the shop."


O’Neal Jones Artist Bio

Since 1978, O’Neal has owned and operated his woodshop as a designer/craftsman making a wide variety of contemporary furniture and accessories for the home. Trained in the school of T&E along with help from friends, fellow craftsmen in all mediums, clients, and a wealth of reading material (before YouTube), he has enjoyed a 45-year learning curve in woodworking. The story continues.
Commissions have included beds, coffee and dining room tables, chairs, sideboards, folding screens, bookcases, benches, window covers, wall hangings, whole-house cabinetry and sliding room dividers. I continue to enjoy the working of wood in my shop next to our home in the rolling hills of central North Carolina.
"Please feel free to contact me and explore the possibilities. Thanks."