Pat Scheible

painting and assemblage jewelry

The most frequent comments my paintings elicit are, “I LOVE your colors”, and, “Your paintings make me smile”. This makes me happy, because my aim is to transport viewers to a place of amazement and delight. Artists have taken themselves too seriously for a century or more, so I try to lead us back to the time before history, when the artist was a magician and shaman, able to open doors to new realities.

My twin passions are color and the vanishing local landscape. In my world, colors pop and sizzle, and straight lines go a bit wobbly. Some of my favorite subjects are familiar local buildings, especially barns. These humble structures are disappearing, victims of disuse, development, and kudzu.

Artist Bio

Pat Scheible was a research scientist in biology for many years before she realized that her true calling was art. A graduate of the Institut Guegan in France, she has also studied with teachers all over the US. Her decorative painting business, Painting Specialities, is regionally and nationally known. Pat and her husband have made their home in Mebane since 1976.