Sean Leahy


Artist Bio

I grew up outside of Hartford, CT where I enjoyed photography and the outdoors. I would take photos at family gatherings and other events. I was always the person you would see with a camera. Then one day, I just stopped taking photos. I don’t remember why I stopped.
I had a major life event, and I needed a new focus in my life. I was lost, I didn’t know what to do. I was walking in a small New England town and decided to walk into the camera store. I went in and came out with a Canon Rebel and two Kit lenses.
I started taking photos of birds and I got “bird fever”. I set a goal, that now I know was unrealistic at the time, to photograph all the birds in New England. I remember thinking how hard can that be to take a photo of all the birds in New England, there are only 250 different birds that live in New England. My experience is, it is very hard to photograph all the birds in New England, and even harder with a Kit lens. Not to mention it is very hard to see the birds, and get a great photo is even harder.
Several years back, I was very discouraged with the quality of the photographs that I was shooting. After talking to other photographers, I met along the way, I learned some valuable secrets, and purchased a good 400mm lens and the Sibley Bird Guide book. My journey of bird photography had a rebirth. I’m sure my path will continue and be convoluted as I move forward. I hope to share my work with others and give them the opportunity to see some of the magnificent birds and mammals we have within our sights.
Today, I live in Burlington, NC and have traveled to over 20 states photographing birds. I’ve traveled to Ireland, and several other countries, and recently to South America and I look forward to my next adventure and seeing some beautiful subjects to photograph as I branch out into more wildlife and landscapes.