Sean Leahy

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Wildlife and street photography

Artist Bio

Sean grew up outside of Hartford, CT where he enjoyed photography and the outdoors. He started taking photos in his teens, and about eight years back he got bird fever and has been photographing wildlife and birds ever since. One year he set a goal to photograph all the birds in New England, and he remembers thinking how “hard can that be to take a photo of all the birds in New England, there are only 250 different birds that live in New England”. His experience - it is very hard and even harder with a starter Kit lens.
He has traveled to over 25 states in the US photographing birds. His travels also include a memorable trip to South America in 2018 and he has birded all 100 counties in North Carolina. He looks forward to his next adventure and seeing some beautiful subjects to photograph as he branches out into more wildlife and landscapes.
Today, he lives in Burlington, and is married to Dawn, also a birder. He has a BS in Computer Science from the University of Westfield State, Massachusetts.