Member Artists

Kathleen Gwinnett

all 2-D media; architecture, floral, and figure painting

Martha Hamblin

photography, hand-built pottery, mixed media

Heather Hans

oil and acrylic painting; pencil, charcoal, and ink drawing

Belinda Hardin

wheel-thrown pottery

Barbara Hengstenberg

acrylic, pen/ink, pencil, and collage/mixed media.
Beth Hill

Beth Hill

oil and acrylic painting, mixed media
Larry Hinshaw

Larry Hinshaw


Ann Brownlee Hobgood

assemblage using found objects

Jan Holloman

functional and decorative pottery

Susan Hope

Stained, fused, painted glass

Elizabeth Jones

fused glass

Jean Fortune Kaplan

decorative and functional fiber arts

Susan Kern

wheel-thrown functional stoneware pottery

Jacqueline Johnson King

copper enameled jewelry

Jeanie Kirk

painting, crochet, and knitting

Phil Langley


Carolyn Langley

watercolor, colored pencil, photography, and crafts such as iris-folded cards and quilted Christmas ornaments

Sean Leahy

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